Dead Demons


Kill demons, unlock weapons, paint the world with blood!
Welcome to Dead Demons, an ultraviolent game where you have to survive infinite waves of evil demons, using all kinds of medieval weaponry.

Jose Gassull - Music
Ignacio PĂ©rez Burgos - Sounds, Sound design

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Anhedonia in memoriam


Adventure platformer. You are a little robot seeking for happiness, but if you are not charged in 10 seconds you would die in depression. Figure out how to escape this sad world.

Made for the Ludum Dare 27: "10 seconds"


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FireKillerGirl 180!


Game made for a competition from Argentina called "2 minutos matafuego". Arcade game when you fight fire with a fire extinguisher while you hit mad guys to death, in order to stop the fire.

You have 3 minutes to stop the fire!


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Machine Off Terram


Atmospheric adventure about a mysterious alien invasion. They seem to be more intelligent and complex that the humans, and they are violent and sadistic.

Explore an ancient living machine full of mysteries

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Son of Adela


Dark horror art-game. Take control of Adela, a girl searching for her kidnapped baby, in this macabre adventure with 4 endings.

Music by Ignacio Perez Burgos

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