About us

Who am i?

Agustín Pérez Burgos


Programmer, artist and game designer from Argentina.

Inspired by the indie scene and 90s games, i started developing games as a one-man team under different names until i settled down with the alias "Retsa".

Apart from games, i work as a web developer with various front-end and back-end technologies. Also, I'm a hobbyist illustrator, making the art of all of my games


Ignacio Pérez Burgos


Composer/producer behind the music of my games, Ignacio is a Electromechanical Engineering student and general geek.

Apart from music production, his interest include 3D printing, electronics, and 3D modeling.

Ignacio is also the sound designer/recorder for most of my games.


Jose Gassull


Music producer of various games by Retsa, Jose is a psychology student, musician and artist from Argentina.

Mainly a bass player, Jose has played with multiple bands in the indie rock scene.