Welcome to Retsa Games, personal portfolio of the Argentinian game developer Agustín Pérez Burgos a.k.a Retsa.

An active member of the underground indie scene since 2009, Retsa has been part of countless game jams & made a lot of small experimental games.

A Game designer/Programmer, Retsa also adopted the one-man-army indie spirit making the art for most of his past games, giving them a very personal style.


ISAIA 1314
Once an Angel, you betrayed your holy brotherhood and turned into a demon in the process. Fight your buddies turned
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Homunculus Surgeon
Your humanoid creations are all messed up. Use a scalpel to separate as many siamese twin homunculus as you can
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Pathetic Meatsack
We destroyed the planet, now the machines are looking for revenge. In this 2D Arcade Boss Rush game, you take
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Metal Vomit
Metal Vomit is a Mecha themed shoot-em-up played with just 1 button. You are Vomit, a Mech pilot fighting an
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Lucy Nadie
Possess Lucy and kill all the demonic toys! Play on Browser/ Download
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Recursion Betty
Kill enemies to grow, hurt yourself to shrink. Don't worry, there is no game over, but there's no escape either.
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Trolls vs Robots
Trolls vs Robots is a 2 Player Real Time Strategy Game that plays itself. Create epic battles, gain experience, make units
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A small horror/action FPS were you feel the presence of a mysterious entity . The entity's name is Xuluv and
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Dead Demons
Kill demons, unlock weapons, paint the world with blood! Welcome to Dead Demons, an ultraviolent game where you have to
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Anhedonia in memoriam
Adventure platformer. You are a little robot seeking for happiness, but if you are not charged in 10 seconds you
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I have a youtube channel in spanish where i post my game Devlogs and feature obscure indie games from around the web.